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$80 Dessert Runtz OZ only

$100.00 $80.00

$80 Oz

Indica dominant 18-21 % THC


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Dessert Runtz is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) created by crossing the delicious Cookies & Cream cannabis strain and Runtz.

Dessert Runtz starts off with euphoric and giggly effects followed by a relaxed body high making it perfect for a laid back, chill day. Boasting an impressive 18-21% average THC level, Dessert Runtz weed is great for people suffering from aches and pains.

Widely known for its sweet aroma and equally appetizing candy-like flavor, the beautiful and powerful Dessert Runtz strain is a crowd favorite. Generally leaning slightly indica, Dessert Runtz brings on euphoric and giggly effects, followed by a relaxed body-high—making it perfect for a lazy, chill day.

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